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CBD for your Dog
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Nordic Oil Launches New Line of Products: How Can CBD Benefit Your Pet?

While CBD is increasingly popular among us human beings for managing and reducing pain, discomfort as well as mood, now pets are also being treated with CBD! Nordic Oil has launched a new line of CBD products specific to pets including oils and supplement tablets for cats and dogs. (Products for horses are coming soon!) Before you approach your veterinarian, we recommend catching up on some important facts!

CBD Oil vaping
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Why Buying “Pre-Made” CBD E-Liquids is Better than DIY with CBD Isolate

Although this isn’t breaking news, we are frequently asked about how to make CBD vape juice, thus leading us to publishing this article. While we discuss how to DIY your own vape juice with CBD isolate, we still strongly recommend instead purchasing “pre-made” E-Liquids from reliable shops.

This article assumes that you, the reader, are already somewhat familiar with CBD and with vaping, but if you are a “first timer” for both, then we strongly recommend first reading “Everything You Should Know About Dosages for Vaping CBD“.

As you probably know, vaping is the most efficient method, quickly spreading CBD throughout the whole body (not to mention vamping is convenient and easy for daily use). By inhaling CBD E-Liquids with a vaporizer, CBD enters your lungs and diffuses directly into your bloodstream rather than first entering your liver. As a result, nearly four times as much CBD enters your circulation. Essentially, this means you can achieve the same beneficial effects with a much smaller amount of CBD than if you were to take edibles, creams, etc.

As you prepare CBD vape juice, using CBD Isolate (fine white powder containing 99% pure CBD) gives you complete control over the concentration of CBD.

However, Nordic Oil offers “pre-made” E-Liquids, which are not only a simpler option but, due to their “full-spectrum” of natural cannabinoids, they promise stronger effects. Again, this article is no new news as we refer to a study conducted back in 2015, but Nordic Oil’s line of e-liquids has recently expanded!

CBD Vape
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Everything You Should Know About Dosages for Vaping CBD

Vaping is the most efficient method, quickly spreading CBD throughout the whole body (not to mention vamping is convenient and easy for daily use). However, there is no “one size fits all” easy answer as to how much CBD you should inhale.

CBD oil is almost everywhere these days: consumers are adding CBD to their tea, swallowing capsules, applying creams; more and more CBD shops are popping up around the world. Other than the fact that vaping is the best method for maximizing the effects of CBD, there are two more reasons for its increasing popularity. One, since vaping, unlike smoking, allows you to intake CBD without causing inconvenience to other people, it is becoming increasingly common to see. (Note “to see” and not “to smell”, for CBD has little noticeable smell.) Two, CBD is also suitable for non-smokers, as it is nicotine-free, so many have turned to vaping to avoid other addictions such as Nicotine and even alcohol. Due to the rise in popularity of vaping CBD, we decided to publish this article to help answer the seemingly complicated question of dosage. Before doing so, we will review what CBD is, how to vape it and elaborate more on the benefits of vaping.

CBD oil food
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Taking CBD Oil with Food

This article assumes that you, the reader, are already familiar with CBD. If not, please first read our page Cannabidiol: The Ultimate Guide to CBD, which lists four main ways of taking CBD. You can also check out our article “How to Take CBD” which goes into further detail as to determining the best intake method for you.

Here we discuss mixing oil with food and liquids. Although CBD oil is most effective when taken under the tongue about 15 minutes before eating, some folks dislike its earthy taste and prefer to mix it with food and liquids. Although this is not breaking news, we are frequently asked for recipes or advice on mixing CBD with food and liquids, thus leading us to publishing this article.

Obviously, the reason to include CBD oil in your daily meals is to maximize the intake of supplements into the bloodstream. So how can you maximize the effects by pairing it with the right foods/liquids?

You can incorporate CBD into all of your meals. Your mind/body will get into a groove of digesting the nutrients and, with its adaptogenic effects, over time it will stabilize physiological processes and promote homeostasis.

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Healthy or Not, Here’s Why You Should Consider CBD Oil Supplements

If you’re already feeling healthy, fit and well-balanced, then you might not feel the need to research CBD. This article is all about why in fact you should; why you should look into the array of benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) supplements. There’s an increasing vast amount of groundbreaking research revealing the short-term and especially long-term benefits of CBD oil when it is regularly incorporated into your diet, even for those of you who consider yourselves to be in tip-top condition. There’s no such thing as being too healthy, is there?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a versatile remedy, having been extensively researched for its positive effects on various physical pains and discomforts as well as moods. (To learn more about different ailments CBD can treat, visit Nordic Oil’s Wiki page, which currently includes 29 articles, each one specific to one illness.) CBD is an adaptogen, meaning a substance that is used in herbal medicine for the stabilization of physiological processes and promotion of homeostasis. In other words, CBD interacts with almost every part of your body and helps in balancing and harmonizing all of your natural systems.

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Will CBD Get You High?

Will CBD get you high? NO! And here’s why…

Because CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are both cannabinoids, meaning that they are both in fact sisters to the mother Cannabis plant, the production of CBD has been somewhat controversial. Once it has been understood that CBD is entirely legal and safe, for it does NOT have psychoactive effects like THC, people still often find this treatment complicated and thus difficult to grasp. For example, according to some users, they experience enhanced relaxation after taking CBD. Non-users might misunderstand said relaxation as “getting high” but that is not the case. CBD simply an adaptogenic substance used in herbal medicine for stabilizing physiological processes and promoting homeostasis. For example, CBD is really effective in treating anxiety (learn more about treating anxiety through Nordic Oil’s wiki page) as oppose to THC which is known for causing anxiety.


Side Effects of CBD

Although this is not breaking news, we are frequently asked about the side effects of cannabidiol (CBD), especially with the concerns of side effects to its sister tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). If you check out our other article “Will CBD Get You High?“, you will find that the answer is no. THC, found in marijuana and hashish, will get you high and may also cause anxiety and paranoia. On the other hand, CBD is extracted from hemp and, aapart from some people complaining of a dry mouth, its side effects are incredibly minimal compared to the clinical benefits of CBD.