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Will CBD Make You High?

Are you wondering whether you will get high with the intake of CBD? CBD is recognized to be non-psychoactive and it does not cause any euphoric or stoned feelings. In spite of the fact that the usage of cannabinoids and cannabis has earned a high reputation in the United States and across the globe, many people wish to reap the benefits of cannabinoids. However, they are hesitant owing to the potential psychoactive effects of marijuana. If you want to know whether you can get high after having CBD, the answer is no. You cannot get high if you take CBD only. Both THC and CBD are recognized to be cannabinoids. They are considered to be active compounds which offer effects from the ingesting cannabis. One of the significant differences between THC and CBD is that cannabidiol or CBD is non-psychoactive. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is considered to be the chemical compound which is present in cannabis. It is known to be responsible for the production of stoned or euphoric effects. THC is present in abundance in marijuana whereas the presence of CBD in higher quantities is in Hemp. According to some users, they procured enhanced relaxation after intaking CBD. Though some may misperceive it as getting high, it is just an effect of CBD. This is not same as the impairing psychoactive impacts of intaking THC. Have a look below at the difference between THC and CBD and those of marijuana and hemp.