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Everything You Should Know About Dosages for Vaping CBD

Vaping is the most efficient method, quickly spreading CBD throughout the whole body (not to mention vamping is convenient and easy for daily use). However, there is no “one size fits all” easy answer as to how much CBD you should inhale.

CBD oil is almost everywhere these days: consumers are adding CBD to their tea, swallowing capsules, applying creams; more and more CBD shops are popping up around the world. Other than the fact that vaping is the best method for maximizing the effects of CBD, there are two more reasons for its increasing popularity. One, since vaping, unlike smoking, allows you to intake CBD without causing inconvenience to other people, it is becoming increasingly common to see. (Note “to see” and not “to smell”, for CBD has little noticeable smell.) Two, CBD is also suitable for non-smokers, as it is nicotine-free, so many have turned to vaping to avoid other addictions such as Nicotine and even alcohol. Due to the rise in popularity of vaping CBD, we decided to publish this article to help answer the seemingly complicated question of dosage. Before doing so, we will review what CBD is, how to vape it and elaborate more on the benefits of vaping.

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Taking CBD Oil with Food

This article assumes that you, the reader, are already familiar with CBD. If not, please first read our page Cannabidiol: The Ultimate Guide to CBD, which lists four main ways of taking CBD. You can also check out our article “How to Take CBD” which goes into further detail as to determining the best intake method for you.

Here we discuss mixing oil with food and liquids. Although CBD oil is most effective when taken under the tongue about 15 minutes before eating, some folks dislike its earthy taste and prefer to mix it with food and liquids. Although this is not breaking news, we are frequently asked for recipes or advice on mixing CBD with food and liquids, thus leading us to publishing this article.

Obviously, the reason to include CBD oil in your daily meals is to maximize the intake of supplements into the bloodstream. So how can you maximize the effects by pairing it with the right foods/liquids?

You can incorporate CBD into all of your meals. Your mind/body will get into a groove of digesting the nutrients and, with its adaptogenic effects, over time it will stabilize physiological processes and promote homeostasis.